Our water distribution system is a consecutive system, meaning we purchase water from Charlotte County Utilities and distribute it to you through our facilities. Our sole goal is to supply safe and pleasant drinking water to our customers. We welcome your input and are happy to answer questions anytime. 

FYI: When SELLING  your home, please contact our office. We need verification and to arrange for the final meter reading and final bill.  The new owner will be responsible to pay a Membership Fee .  If RENTING, verification from the owner is needed when the account is being placed in the tenant's name, along with a $100.00 deposit. 

E-Bills and E-Pay.  By clicking the blue button at the top right of this page, you can register for one or both services.  By signing up for E-Bill, your monthly bill will be sent directly to your e-mail address.  No remembering to change addresses if you go north for the summer or holidays. With E-Pay you can pay with a credit card or PayPal account.   You may also pay through your banks on-line bill paying system that you set up. They do mail a check to us so please allow 5-7 days for it to arrive at our office.

NOTE: Keeping the meter cover accessible is the homeowners' responsibility. 

Water Office, Post Office & Maintenance Garage

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$5 Protection Plan

We suggest that when you leave your residence for extended periods that you have us turn the water off at the meter and lock it. The charge for this is $5 off and $5 on. This protects you from misuse or possible leaks at your property while you are away. You will still receive the monthly bill for base rates. PLEASE NOTE: This requires a 24 hour notice and cannot be done on weekends, holidays or after hours without incurring a fee of $95 for after hours call out. This fee does not apply to water line breaks. 

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